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Frequently asked Questions

The Micropub App is a mobile platform which we hope is pretty intuitive to use. However, if you do have a user query, this FAQ page will hopefully answer your questions. 


Please contact us directly via email if you have a specific question

What is a Micropub?

The definition of a Micropub is subjective and open to debate. The Micropub Association define a Micropub as follows...'A Micropub is a small freehouse which listens to its customers, mainly serves cask ales, promotes conversation, shuns all forms of electronic entertainment and dabbles in traditional pub snacks.' That said, the Micropup App appreciates that Micropubs  and microbars do not always fully embrace all of the tenets of this definition. Therefore the App is for Micropubs and bars which are physically small in nature but big on community, conversation and quality beer.


Membership Benefits

​Free, Community or Premium Micropub Membership?

Free Micropub Membership (Micropub Owners) - Your Micropub will display the Micropub app default image, but you are able to add your Micropub name, address, date established, size of your Micropub, Micropub features, number of beers/ciders available, description and opening times. You will be able to view community updates but you will not be able to create updates.  Your Micropub (once approved) will be listed and will appear on the Micropub map. Users will be able to follow your Micropub and show when they have visited your Micropub. You will be able to create a personal profile which will display the default profile image. You will be able to view, follow and visit Micropubs and see customer user profiles.

Community Micropub Membership (Micropub Owners) - This gives you all the benefits of Free membership and also allows you to fully customise your Micropub listing to create a fuller profile. You will be able to add your own Micropub image plus your full contact details and social media links. You will be able to create updates about your Micropub to the wider community and/or followers such as events, beers/ciders etc. You will be able to view your Micropub on the Micropub map, see the complete Micropub listing and customer listing. You can enjoy all the benefits of Community customer membership which means that you can create a full personal profile, view the Micropub map and search and filter Micropubs and customer users. You will also be able to view the national Micropub news stories.

Premium Micropub Membership (Micropub Owners) - This gives you all the benefits of Community membership and also allows you to create a link to your Trip Advisor account. Your Micropub will also enjoy an enhanced status on the Micropub listing, Micropub map and Micropub profile.


Basic/Free Customer Membership – It is FREE to access the Micropub Map as a customer user. This basic level of membership allows you to create a personal profile with the micropub default image, gives you access to the full micropub listing and the user listing. You will be able to follow updates from micropubs and users and you will be able to record the micropubs that you have visited. You personal profile page will always display your nearest 10 micropubs.


Community Customer Membership – This level of membership gives you access to all features of the Micropub App. In addition to the features enjoyed by Basic Customer Membership, you will be able to create updates to share with the Micropub community, comment on updates, access the Micropub Map, sort and filter Micropubs and users, plus you will be able to access the national/international Micropub news feed.


How do I add my Micropub to the app?

Once you have registered as a Micropub owner, you will be given the option to add your Micropub to the app. Once your Micropub has been approved, your Micropub will be published on the Micropub listing and the map


Is it free to list my Micropub?

Yes, it is completely free. Once your app has been listed, users can see your micropoub in the Micropub list and on the Micropub app. Your Micropub will appear in the users nearest Micropubs if the user is in your area. Users will also be able to click that they have visieted your Micropub. As a paid member you will be able to add more features about your Micropub 

When I claim my Micropub or create a new Micropub, will it be instantly listed on the Micropub app?

No, first we just need to carry out a few checks to make sure that any new Micropub entry is authentic and that the claimant is legitimate. Once we have approved your Micropub, you will receive an email from us (check your spam folder!). You'll also receive a notification on the Micropub app which will let you know that you can edit, update and share your Micropub profile.


How long does it take for a claimed Micropub or a new Micropub to be approved?

Your Micropub approval will normally be completed within 24 hours. You will receive an email from us once your Micropub has been approved. You will also receive a notification in the Micropub app.

Micropub Owner  Member – Why do I see my personal profile page when I first register?

As a Micropub owner member you have a personal profile plus a profile for your micropub. When you first register and click your profile icon, you will see your personal profile page rather than your Micropub page. However, once we have approved your Micropub, your Micropub profile will appear for you to edit. You will still be able to visit your personal profile by clicking on your name on your Micropub profile.

How easy is it to upgrade?

You can upgrade your membership at any time by clicking on the 'upgrade' links within the app. When you upgrade your Micropub from Community membership to Premium membership, your Community member payment will cease and your new Premium payment will commence.

How do I cancel my Micropub membership?

Should you decide to cancel your membership, simply click on the three lines in the top corner of your screen and hit the option ‘Cancel Membership’. This option will delete you account and stop any future subscription payments. You will receive an email confirming cancellation of your account.

How do updates work?

Updates allow you to see what Micropub owners and customers are sharing with the Micropub App community. If you want to limit your updates to only those Micropub Owners and Customers you are following, click on the ‘My Community Updates’ option.

How do I make my Profile Private?

If you wish to hide your profile and use the app as an anonymous user, click on the ‘Make my Personal Profile Public’ This option will hide your profile and username from all users.

How do I get in touch?

You can contact us via the App to get in touch on all matters. Click on the three lines in the top corner of your screen and click the option ‘Contact Us’. Alternatively, drop us an email via

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