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Micropub Finder

The Micropub Finder

The Micropub App makes it so easy for you  to find your ideal Micropub. You can browse Micropub listings or search the directory to find your nearest Micropub. Making use of the sort and filter functions, you can find exactly what you are looking for and your 10 nearest Micropubs will always be listed for you on your personal profile.


 Get the latest Micropub national news & updates directly to your phone

User Profile

Micropub User Profile

Micropub users can create a FREE personal profile and become part of the Micropub Online Community. LOTS OF INNOVATIVE and EXCITING FEATURES are available, including update notifications, recording Micropubs that you have visited and publishing updates to the online community and/or to your list of loyal followers. 

Claim or Create Micropub

Claim/Create Your Micropub

Micropub Owners - You can claim and edit your FREE listing or create your very own Micropub Profile from scratch. It's so easy to build and share your Micropub Profile and to post updates to your customers about events, new ales, new ciders and the latest happenings in your Micropub. 

Post and Receive Updates

Micropub Owners and Micropub Users can keep their online followers  updated on all matters relating to their Micropub community

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Micropub Profiles

Micropub Profiles

Micropub Owners - It's FREE to create and build a Micropub profile and a Personal Profile on the Micropub App. As a Community Micropub member, you can link to your  social media and you can also add all of the key features of your Micropub - all of these features are searchable by Micropub users who can find your Micropub on the Micropub Map and Micropub listing. Community Micropub members can also post updates to their followers. Your Micropub App customers can also record their visits to your Micropub, follow your updates and post great reviews. Premium Micropub members benefit from an enhanced map and listing feature, plus you can link your Trip Advisor listing.

Sort Search Filter

Search, Sort and Filter

The Micropub App makes it very easy to find what you're looking for. As well as always featuring your nearest 10 Micropubs, the App gives you the ability to filter and sort your options so that you can always find your ideal Micropub. The App also makes it very easy to build your online community of local and/or like-minded Micropub users. We take privacy very seriously, so simply turn your Profile to Private to use the Micropub App anonymously.

The Small Bar and Pub App

 Get the Latest Micropub National News & Updates Directly to your Phone

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